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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 “Official”

Microsoft has announced the next version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM will be available in the “fall of 2013”. It is unfortunate that we did NOT hear an official release date, so, that gives Microsoft some wiggle room on what the

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iPhone/iPad as an Electrocardiograph

Mobile device innovation keeps on truckin’. Just imagine how these innovations can help improve access to healthcare in places previously not possible. AliveCor, a small company that developed an iPhone 4 case with a built-in ECG, just unveiled a smaller

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Survey Shows Rapid Doc Tablet Adoption

An online survey in May of 3,800 physician members of the QuantiaMD online physician community finds their use of mobile devices rapidly growing, with a quarter of respondents being “Super Mobile” users who have a smart phone and tablet device.

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Mobile device for monitoring heart disease

HP’s Mobile Health Monitoring Solution coupled with a new, always on, cloud based healthcare offering. Check this out, a wristwatch sized, 3G/GPRS wireless device that is worn by the patient and automatically uploads the results to a healthcare portal. Great

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Microsoft HealthVault Goes Mobile

  Microsoft HealthVault has added mobile friendly capabilities. Yet another sign of the growing importance of mobile access. You can now easily access your account and details on your web enabled phone of choice. If you have not heard of

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Article: Stephen Elop’s Nokia Adventure

A good article on the background of the relationship between Microsoft and Nokia. Shows how a company that is on top of it’s game and crushing it’s competition can fail so rapidly in a short period of time. I tried

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Article: Drug Reps Fear iPad’s Spying; They Should Be Worried About Their Jobs

  Good article on iPads in life sciences. Also some interesting links at the bottom of this article. The author makes some valid points about the future of reps in this industry. I don’t believe all reps will be replaced

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