Microsoft HealthVault Goes Mobile


Microsoft HealthVault has added mobile friendly capabilities. Yet another sign of the growing importance of mobile access. You can now easily access your account and details on your web enabled phone of choice. HealthVault_Login_Screenshot

If you have not heard of HealthVault you can check out more details here.

HealthVault is free online service that helps you manage you and your family’s health related information. E.g. you can track your prescriptions and related information and even link to your pharmacy of choice for monitoring refills and even having them refilled.

Another interesting and cool aspect of HV are the links to a growing number of devices. E.g. if you are a diabetic and monitor your blood sugar, there are device that will automatically upload the results to your HealthVault account, which you can then share with your family and even your physician!

Another example is maybe you need to monitor your blood pressure daily. How cool is it those devices will auto upload those results too.

This is especially interesting and exciting for chronic disease management. We are looking to tap into the power of HealthVault, your devices and CRM to help healthcare practitioners be more proactive in taking action and helping you stay healthy; and prevent unexpected trips to the hospital. if you want to learn more, contact us from our home page, 

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