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Improving Business Performance With Mobility

Mobile is white hot! In 2012 there were over 1.6 BILLION mobile phones shipped which about half were smartphones. Forrester predicts by the end of 2013 there will be 1.4 BILLION smartphones in use. Tablets are clocking in at about

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Smartphone Monitors Heartbeat, Alerts Patient or Doctor of Abnormalities

Using a smartphone, Zigbee radio, long lasting battery and inexpensive electrodes researchers at EPFL’s Embedded Systems and Telecommunications Circuits Laboratories ( have created a remote, real-time, heart monitor. The components are tiny, light and non-invasive and monitor users’ heart

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Doctors Want to Use Mobile to Access Pharmaceutical Data

The mobile trend continues in healthcare. A recent CIO Insight article shares results of physician study on how they prefer to get pharmaceutical information. Almost half of surveyed doctors prefer pharma info on tablets and smartphones; “45 percent of

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Article: Drug Reps Fear iPad’s Spying; They Should Be Worried About Their Jobs

  Good article on iPads in life sciences. Also some interesting links at the bottom of this article. The author makes some valid points about the future of reps in this industry. I don’t believe all reps will be replaced

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Cancer Testing on Smartphones

Wow, that happened faster than I thought it would.. Some scientists are now turning Smartphones into handheld tools to diagnose cancer or infectious disease, track treatment progress or check water safety. Harvard Medical School used a cell phone and a

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