Article: Drug Reps Fear iPad’s Spying; They Should Be Worried About Their Jobs


Good article on iPads in life sciences. Also some interesting links at the bottom of this article. The author makes some valid points about the future of reps in this industry. I don’t believe all reps will be replaced as their still needs to be human interaction, however, a lot of what reps do today can absolutely be replaced. So, more contraction in sales forces in pharmaceutical and healthcare?

“As more drug companies supply their employees with iPads, sales reps are increasingly paranoid about their employers’ ability to spy on them. In fact, though, they should really be worried about whether companies will even need humans to promote pharmaceuticals in the future.”

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2 comments on “Article: Drug Reps Fear iPad’s Spying; They Should Be Worried About Their Jobs
  1. Laurita says:

    I agree, that the key in pharma is analytics. But how to have good analytics tool? I have read a lot about analysis in Pharma field and now it is becoming very popular Closed Loop Marketing. My company have just integrated Cluum. It’s gather clients feedbacks, generate reports, looks very nice. Does anybody know something similar? Maybe, u can suggest something? Anyways, u should know how to apply the collected info, and how to improve marketing strategy with that data – so, the personal factor still exists.

    • Mike says:

      Hello. As far as things that are similar to CLuuM yes, there are a few of them. The ones I have worked with are Agnitio, Skura, Exploria and Proscape. To your point, it’s about the analytics and taking action than the presentations themselves. Along those lines this is where data from multiple sources becomes important. In order to get the best picture, additional data like profile information, prescription history (if available), research, along with the CLM data; all become important. Using tools that can combine all these data sources quickly and easily are gaining lots of attention; and rightly so.

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