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CRM 2013 Upgrade Considerations &Key Platform Enhancements

For my technically oriented friends and colleagues, I have posted highlights from a TCPE/CRMUG session given by none other than Matt Barbour, Microsoft Senior Program Manager. While any upgrade can be a challenge and often companies forgo doing them, THIS,

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Dynamics CRM No Code Multi-Select Picklist

How to Create a Dynamics CRM No Code Multi-Select Picklist What is a multi-select picklist you may ask? Here is an example. Let’s say that you need to track multiple specialties for the physicians in your CRM database. E.g. Cardiovascular

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Microsoft Convergence 2012–Notes from Houston–Day 3

All good things must come to an end and so it is for Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2012. The excitement and enthusiasm continued on the final day. This has been the best Convergence for content, attendance and audience. Adding to all

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Adding CRM to Outlook Shortcuts

At our recent Infinity i3 Event I provided a presentation on New and Hidden Features for Dynamics CRM, called Recipes for Success. We had a lot of people comment on how they get tremendous value from these types of presentations,

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Exciting new updates coming soon for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Microsoft just announced their Release Preview Guide for the Q2 2012 Service Update. Read about all the goodness from here: The highlights that are most awesome are: Mobility Woohoo! Microsoft will be offering a full featured mobile solution. Microsoft

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of (social) customer service

I have been doing a fair amount of traveling lately and had a couple of customer service experiences I thought I would share. I share this to provide food for thought about your own customer service experiences. More importantly if

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Sending Email Notifications to Distribution Groups in Dynamics CRM

Can I send email notifications to a distribution group list (or Contact Group in Outlook 2010) in Dynamics CRM? I hear this question a lot regarding Dynamics CRM and email notifications to a group of people. E.g. let’s say you

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