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Dynamics CRM on Windows RT/Surface First Look

There are a lot of blogs, articles and reviews already out there for Windows Surface, Windows 8 and Windows RT. This post will focus on the use of Windows Surface and Dynamics CRM 2011. If you are not aware, Microsoft

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Microsoft Convergence 2012–Notes from Houston–Day 3

All good things must come to an end and so it is for Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2012. The excitement and enthusiasm continued on the final day. This has been the best Convergence for content, attendance and audience. Adding to all

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Microsoft Convergence 2012–Notes from Houston–Day 2

Another exciting day at Convergence. The energy around Dynamics CRM is palpable and at the highest levels I’ve seen or felt it. If this is any indication, the growth of CRM is going to explode. No Keynote today so I

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Power of Possibilities – Notes from Houston–Convergence 2012

Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Power of Possibilities – General Session Bill Patterson, Dynamics CRM Program Manager, presented an overview of the what’s coming for Dynamics CRM. Metro is everywhere and Dynamics CRM goes Metro too. The future of CRM will

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Opening KeyNote – Notes from Houston – Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2012

A jam packed day of great sessions. The opening keynotes featured Kirill Tatarinov, President of the Microsoft Business Solutions Division (MBS) and Kevin Turn, COO. This is the biggest Convergence yet with over 10,000 attendees. There is a palpable excitement

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Howdy Houston–Notes from Microsoft Convergence 2012

It’s hot and humid in Houston. I wonder if it is ever not humid here. Anyway, reporting live from Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2012 (Twitter #CONV12) this week. The turnout is impressive, lots of people here! Yesterday was primarily the Dynamics

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Adding CRM to Outlook Shortcuts

At our recent Infinity i3 Event I provided a presentation on New and Hidden Features for Dynamics CRM, called Recipes for Success. We had a lot of people comment on how they get tremendous value from these types of presentations,

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