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HHS Delays ICD-10 Compliance Date

Some good news from HHS (Health and Human Services). Doctors, payers, and other providers are getting some breathing room on implementing ICD-10 diagnostic codes (International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, 10th Revision, or ICD-10) The original

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AMA survey: Docs in smaller practices are more likely to accept drug samples

Interesting results from a study just posted on AMA. This is some food for thought if you or your organization has a focus on getting product samples into the hands of physicians. This also means your method of targeting

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Doctors Want to Use Mobile to Access Pharmaceutical Data

The mobile trend continues in healthcare. A recent CIO Insight article shares results of physician study on how they prefer to get pharmaceutical information. Almost half of surveyed doctors prefer pharma info on tablets and smartphones; “45 percent of

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Focusing on Quality Not Quantity

The switch to account management in pharma and life sciences is on! GSK recently announced they are fazing out the focus on call and prescription volume and switching to overall quality of the calls. It’s about time! This is a

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Texas Hospital Reduces Readmissions with Analytics

Great example of outside the box thinking for using business intelligence/analytics to improve healthcare. In this case, reducing readmissions. Why are readmissions a big deal you ask? MedPAC estimates that Medicare pays about $12 billion annually in costs related to

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iPhone/iPad as an Electrocardiograph

Mobile device innovation keeps on truckin’. Just imagine how these innovations can help improve access to healthcare in places previously not possible. AliveCor, a small company that developed an iPhone 4 case with a built-in ECG, just unveiled a smaller

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Survey Shows Rapid Doc Tablet Adoption

An online survey in May of 3,800 physician members of the QuantiaMD online physician community finds their use of mobile devices rapidly growing, with a quarter of respondents being “Super Mobile” users who have a smart phone and tablet device.

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