Join us in 10 minutes! June 17, 2014: Li

Join us in 10 minutes! June 17, 2014: Live Webinar: Drive Sales Productivity and ROI – #social #crm –

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RT @TracyKinsey “Providing a touch firs

RT @TracyKinsey “Providing a touch first experience for mobile devices with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013:   #mobile #msdyncrm #salesforce”

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RT @InfinityInfo “.@Genesis10Corp and @InfinityInfo Join Forces:   #talent #solutions”

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RT @yammeradam “Are you becoming more or less of a #responsiveorg. Does your action/decision increase or decrease Transparency, Autonomy, Experimentation.”

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RT @yammeradam “@techguerilla @kgdavis

RT @yammeradam “@techguerilla @kgdavis Culture isn’t an input, it’s the result of your systems, process, structure, people.@kgale” Agreed

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Still think email is dead? RT @mcuban “

Still think email is dead? RT @mcuban “What time is the best time to talk to me ? Email is the best time to talk to me !”

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RT @martintenvoorde Converting Dynamics

RT @martintenvoorde Converting Dynamics CRM Solutions from Managed to Unmanaged! #msdyncrm #mscrm via @customery

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RT @martintenvoorde Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint #positive  … #msdyncrm #crm2013

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RT @whymicrosoft This engineering firm f

RT @whymicrosoft This engineering firm found that @Office365 helps it solve problems & offer better customer service.

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RT @noahsparks Windows only but a great

RT @noahsparks Windows only but a great #Yammer notifier app. – Great app!

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RT @mariaminsker “Our Feb issue of @CRM

RT @mariaminsker “Our Feb issue of @CRM just arrived! Check it out!”

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RT @TracyKinsey “#Parature Customer Service Software- Long Overview:   via @youtube #msdyncrm #service”

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RT @whymicrosoft ““Office 365 enables us to bring new employees into the cloud very quickly & very efficiently”:  ”

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RT @TracyKinsey “Microsoft Dynamics CRM named Leader in G2 Crowd CRM Vendor Ratings   #msdyncrm #crm #scrm”

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Dynamics CRM 2013 Business Process Overview

Dynamics CRM 2013 Business Process Overview

I recently posted details on one of my favorite new features of Dynamics CRM 2013. Read the entire article here:

Business Processes are new way to help guide users through any type of business process in a simple and intuitive way. The process is presented in stages and steps that are clearly shown to the user and very easy to complete. Best of all:

Business processes are for business users. They are intended to be built by people who are not developers and it’s really easy to do so.

So once can easily create any number of business processes to match whatever your nededs are, like this:


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Dynamics CRM 2013 Mobile Client Details (MoCA) Details

I recently came back from the TPCE and CRMUG Summit in Tampa. Lots of great information sharing and presenters.

One of my favorite session provided details on a new mobile client and framework, dubbed internally as CRM 2013 Mobile MoCA (Mobile Client App), now known as Dynamics CRM 2013 for Tablets.

Beth Steinke, Microsoft CRM Mobile Program Manager gave use some insight and details into this amazing new feature…best of all, it’s included FREE in Dynamics CRM 2013 (available now on iPad and Windows 8 app stores!).

Dynamics CRM 2013 Mobile Client

Here is a short video on with a day in the life scenario given by Eric Boocock

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CRM 2013 Upgrade Considerations &Key Platform Enhancements

For my technically oriented friends and colleagues, I have posted highlights from a TCPE/CRMUG session given by none other than Matt Barbour, Microsoft Senior Program Manager.

While any upgrade can be a challenge and often companies forgo doing them, THIS, is one that you really should not skip. Dynamics CRM 203 provides true business user focused capabilities that will increase efficiency and productivity.

If you are currently a Dynamics CRM 2011 Online sers, your upgrades are coming soon!

CRM 2013 Upgrade Notice

If you are an on-premise user, you can get your CRM 2013 goodness from here:

  • CRM 2013 Server – here
  • CRM 2013 Email Router – here
  • CRM 2013 Report Authoring Extensions – here
  • CRM 2013 Client For Outlook – here
  • CRM 2013 SharePoint List Component – here
  • CRM 2013 Language Packs – here
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New Era in Dynamics CRM 2013

Hi All,

I recently returned from The Partner Connections Event and CRMUG events in Tampa. I posted a few updates from the sessions that I attended.

I’m really excited about the new capabilities in Dynamics CRM 2013. There are truly some game changing capabilities.

I posted the original content on my personal blog

Dynamics CRM 2013 - New Era

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The Partner Connections Event – Tampa FL

The Partner Connections Event has partnered up with Dynamic Partner Connections to bring you The Partner Connections Event (TPCE) from October 20-22nd. The event is in sunny Tampa this year at the Tampa Convention Center.

The Partner Connections Event 2013 – Speaker

The Partner Connections Event is provides technical training, tips, industry best practices, peer to peer engagement and shares Microsoft leader insight to improve profitability and competitiveness.

Read more details or sign up on my original blog page here:

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Preparing For Sunshine Act Rules

How Should Life Science Companies Prepare For Sunshine Act Rules?

medical-device-sunshine-act | Photo Courtesy of geomphotography

How much is the Physician Payment Sunshine Act going to add to the cost of meeting reporting requirements? Probably a lot more than most medical device technology companies realize, according to a recent article on the Mass Device website.

Jonathan Kellerman, compliance and risk assessment manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers, believes the “make-it-or-break-it” variable that will determine how well each company handles the costs is its data management system. More mature, consistent and high-quality systems will have an easier time reporting to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

It might be easier for smaller companies to comply with the new regulations simply because they have less data to report, but the bottom line is that the edge will go to those that embrace technology and use a CRM system to streamline the process

The new reporting requirements were released in February. As the article explains, “the measure requires companies to track all interactions with physicians and start reporting the data to CMS by March 31, 2014.”

Read more here >>>

Article originally posted on our CRM for Medical Device Organizations website.

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