CRM 2013 Upgrade Considerations &Key Platform Enhancements

For my technically oriented friends and colleagues, I have posted highlights from a TCPE/CRMUG session given by none other than Matt Barbour, Microsoft Senior Program Manager.

While any upgrade can be a challenge and often companies forgo doing them, THIS, is one that you really should not skip. Dynamics CRM 203 provides true business user focused capabilities that will increase efficiency and productivity.

If you are currently a Dynamics CRM 2011 Online sers, your upgrades are coming soon!

CRM 2013 Upgrade Notice

If you are an on-premise user, you can get your CRM 2013 goodness from here:

  • CRM 2013 Server – here
  • CRM 2013 Email Router – here
  • CRM 2013 Report Authoring Extensions – here
  • CRM 2013 Client For Outlook – here
  • CRM 2013 SharePoint List Component – here
  • CRM 2013 Language Packs – here
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