HHS Delays ICD-10 Compliance Date

Some good news from HHS (Health and Human Services). Doctors, payers, and other providers are getting some breathing room on implementing ICD-10 diagnostic codes (International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, 10th Revision, or ICD-10) http://go.cms.gov/A21VAP

The original deadline was October 1, 2013. HHS will announce a new compliance deadline after reexamining the pace of implementing ICD-10. From what I have been hearing from physicians, organizations and payers it’s been a nightmare. And why not, going from roughly 13,000 diagnostic codes to approximately 68,000 is a five-fold increase. Not only that, the format has changed significantly as well. Imagine it this way, in some cases what once was a single code 733.82 expands to over 200 codes to choose from. The claim is this will be much more specific. The part they don’t talk about is how much more work is involved in identifying the correct code. What will insurers do if it’s not the correct code? Same for doctors and hospitals. A single digit could mean the difference in the procedure being covered or not, or, a difference in a $500 procedure and $10,000 procedure.

At least now there is some breathing room, how much, we don’t know yet. The change to ICD-10 is significant.  None of this is easy. Infinity Info Systems is experienced and dedicated to helping our clients with these challenging requirements and regulations.

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