Dynamics CRM Outlook Tip – Conditional Formatting

One of the many great features of the Dynamics CRM Outlook client is the ability to do conditional formatting. If you are not sure how to do conditional formatting, here is a quick video on it, http://bit.ly/ujInBC. As an example, let’s say you want to have all open opportunities in a view and any that are 90% or more probability, color code them in bold, green text. Pretty cool right?!


Well, I thought so too. That is until I started finding that my conditional formatting wouldn’t stick between sessions. All was cool and great while I did not close Outlook, however, once I closed and opened Outlook my formatting disappeared! So much for spending all that time doing it in the first place.

This is a popular topic and has been confirmed by many people, e.g. just do a search for “conditional formatting” on the Microsoft CRM forums, http://bit.ly/vS2PUC to see what I mean. According to Microsoft the application is FAD (Functioning As Designed), another one of the many acronyms they seem to be so fond of at Microsoft. The official answer is you cannot save conditional formatting on system views.

Ok, well, that’s a bummer because this is a pretty cool and useful feature.

Technically, CRM does allow saving conditional formatting on Personal Views. The challenge has been that many/most people (including me) have not been able to get conditional formatting to stick for personal views either.

The Tip!

The tip is to save the filter once you have made all of your conditional formatting changes. If you look at the screenshot above, you’ll see there is no Save button on the ribbon toolbar for Views. The trick is to select the Filter button on the view itself, then click Save Filters!


Eureka! It works! This is not the most intuitive way of implementing this feature, but, at least there is a way to do conditional formatting and save those changes so you don’t have to recreate them over and over. I hope this helps you as much as it did me.

Bonus Tip: If you want to keep conditional formatting on a System View, you can save a system view as a Personal View and then make your changes.

· Go to the desired entity (Account, Contact, Opportunity)

· Click the View tab

· Click the Save As button, give it a name and it will be saved as a Personal View.

Just be aware that if an administrator changes the System View it will not update your saved version of it, you’ll need to resave and redo your formatting in that case.


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