Using smartphones as medical image devices

As the new iPhone 4s and ever more powerful Android and Windows phones are announced, this is a great example of using these devices for more than talking, texting and web surfing.

I find the use of traditional off-the-shelf hardware and software, applied in new ways, to be fascinating. In this example, researchers at UC Davis have turned a smartphone into a medical imaging device. Much easier and more portable than lugging around a typical medical microscope.

Researchers at UC Davis have turned iPhones into medical-quality imaging and chemical detection devices. Turning an iPhone into such a device can help medical practitioners diagnose diseases in developing nations or small hospitals and rural clinics that have limited access to laboratory equipment.

using these everyday devices can also go a long way towards reducing the costs of medical care.

If you run across similar examples, let me know!

Posted in Life Sciences, Medical Devices, Mobility

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