AMA survey: Docs in smaller practices are more likely to accept drug samples

Interesting results from a study just posted on AMA. This is some food for thought if you or your organization has a focus on getting product samples into the hands of physicians.

This also means your method of targeting and segmenting should be quick and easy, is yours? It’s often little nuggets of information like this can make or break your quarter or year. This would be a good time to look through your territory of doctors, clinics and practices to see which ones might be smaller and more likely to accept and try those samples burning a hole in your sample case!

Our Infinity i-Analytics application makes quick work of something like this. In just a couple of clicks I was able to narrow down all offices that have between 3 and 25 physicians. Another click of a button can add these to my call plan or calendar. How’s that for fast and easy!


If you would like to learn more about i-Analytics just let me know.

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