Doctors Want to Use Mobile to Access Pharmaceutical Data

The mobile trend continues in healthcare. A recent CIO Insight article shares results of physician study on how they prefer to get pharmaceutical information.

Almost half of surveyed doctors prefer pharma info on tablets and smartphones; “45 percent of ePharma physicians would like to access pharmaceutical product information on their smartphone or iPad instead of live in-person meetings.” (emphasis mine).   Is this good or bad news for pharma reps? Sales rep access to doctors has been diminishing rapidly the last couple of years and with trends like this survey, it’s only going to get more difficult.

We are seeing a trend towards reps as concierge, providing help and direction on finding relevant and timely information for physicians and healthcare providers. There is a lot of information out in the world wide webs, if you can be a resource that helps people find the information more quickly, you become more of a trusted advisor. Your role can truly be that of one who provides value, not just trying to make a call quota or do an information dump.

On the flip side, we also still see a lot of companies that focus on call volume. Push reps to get in as many calls a day as they can;  turn ‘em and burn ‘em. There is still a role for sales reps in pharma and healthcare, it’s just changing. A lot of the changes are being dictated by the healthcare law, sunshine act and decreasing access to decision makers and influencers. Another is the growing comfort level of healthcare providers with technology in general, this study providing proof of that.

Technology can and will play a role in changes within the industry and can we can help. At Infinity we have worked with hundreds of organizations and thousands of users to help answer questions or resolve issues that you may be struggling with.

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